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As a company, you accumulate several resources to run your business efficiently: website, personal and public information, and data. You work with customers; you generate, store, and manipulate personal data. 


99.9% of companies have a digital footprint through their website, business accounts, cloud storage, logins, and email addresses. As a result, infrastructure security holes are plentiful; bypassing passwords in IT security systems is possible, and information can leak and end up on the Dark Web for commercial purposes.  




Companies often have no idea how much cybercriminals know about them. The obsolescence of the attack surface enables cybercriminals to prioritize their victims and choose a functional and profitable attack scenario.


Attack surface analysis systematically identifies and evaluates potential vulnerabilities and entry points into an organization's digital ecosystem. It involves assessing all the exposure points, both internal and external; malicious actors could target that to gain unauthorized access, compromise systems, or extract sensitive information.

According to our surveys, 99.9% of companies with a digital footprint (website, email addresses, etc.) have an exposed attack surface on the deep-dark web or privileged data.

Deep Web

Much of the content on the Deep Web is perfectly legal and compliant. This content includes social media access, specific information searches, and academic papers. Some of it you may use daily. Some content is hidden to protect users' data and information. However, it also hosts illegal activities due to its low visibility.

Attack surface analysis

We help you understand what information assets are exposed, what cybercriminals hold against your organization and its values, and how they might use them to compromise you.

Dark Web

Its content is even more restricted. Unlisted and often associated with illegal and clandestine activities:


- No index, no referencing  

- Vast interconnected infrastructure 

- Private discussion forums and black markets 

- Illegal activities, sale of stolen data and information resulting from cyber attacks


Our offer

The first step in an effective cyber defense strategy is to reduce the cybercriminals' motivation: Be less attractive than others. It's essential to be at the same level of knowledge as cyber criminals regarding your organization. 

Our Deep / Dark Web investigation offer

We provide a research and investigation service on the Deep / Dark Web. We search for, monitor and report leaked information related to your company:  


- Presence on the Deep / Dark web 

- Stolen staff identities 

- Identity credits 

- PII or passwords 

Our strategy

  • Research & collection of customer information.

  • Research and investigation of the attack surface through more than 250 data sources.

  • Results correlated and contextualized to provide recommendations to reduce the attack surface. 

  • Display of results and relevant action plan with a set of best practices.

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