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Cyber Threat Intelligence

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) refers to researching and documenting cyber-attack trends, evolutions, and mutations. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach involving attack surface analysis, cyber threat flow updates, and applied intelligence research. We use various tools to provide an in-depth analysis of the situation. We also align with your business's needs and understanding by conducting custom-applied research. We also consider the human aspect to assess the proper level of risk.

Our offer

  • Analysis and investigation of surface attacks 

  • CTI service contextualized to your business

  • Intelligent threat updates 

  • Applied intelligence search


  • Stay ahead of the game, constantly aware of what is happening in the cyber-sphere so you can prepare for any eventuality. 

  • Find out about new threats to prepare a response before new incidents occur.

  • Stay informed. Sometimes, new threats may not seem relevant, but small businesses can be affected.

About us

Bradley & Rollins is a cyber defense company.


We help hundreds of customers across Canada thwart cyberattacks.


We offer consulting services and innovative software solutions to secure your organization against cyber threats.

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