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Most companies - especially fast-growing ones - must clearly understand their current security posture. They need to know what they have and measures to take to secure their most important assets. Security posture is often unknown.

Penetration testings

Pentesters follow precise rules of engagement and schematics that support the platforms. These rules don't necessarily give a clear picture of the security posture, which is compounded when pen-testers have limited experience.


Without a "Black Hat" mindset, tests are likely to fail. 


Bradley & Rollins' penetration testing services simulate actual cyber-attacks on your infrastructure. The aim is to help you identify your security posture and reduce your attack surface

Our offer

  • Intelligence gathering: OSINT system + Recognition 

  • Threat modeling: We draw up an offensive plan to test security loopholes based on the gathered information.

  • Vulnerability analysis: Testing of vulnerability sections.  

  • Exploitation: We exploit vulnerabilities and target testing. 

  • Post-exploitation: During this stage, we operate inside the host's infrastructure, extending our reach and collecting more data and information. We focus on escalation and lateral movements, moving from one network to another.

  • Data exfiltration: Collection and exploitation of data, simulation of data erasure.

  • Reporting: Detailed reporting on security vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses.


  • Understand your company's security posture.

  • Establish security protocols and rules, compliance frameworks, and PCIDSS. 

  • Understand the high-risk assets.

  • Increase resilience by obtaining different disaster recovery scenarios and a business continuity plan. 

  • Prevent reputational damage and non-compliance.

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