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When we identify a cyber incident, time is limited. The perception of an incident and its actual impact are often at odds. Contact cyber defense professionals who can guide you through the steps.

Timing is everything

Cybercriminals are already deeply rooted in the infrastructure, and continue to grow.


Internal staff may have unwittingly erased part of the cybercriminals' footprint. 


Confusion arises regarding which action should be taken first and by whom.


Lack of understanding of the situation, the real impact, and the consequences of such an event.

Our offer

  • Workshops: Understanding the environment, weaknesses, the main tools, Internet output, the backup system - documentation work.


  • Legal : Breach coaching and cyber insurance review.

  • Communication managementIn-house, with customers/suppliers, negotiation with cybercriminals, potential handling of ransom payments.

  • Defensive team: Implementing cyber-defense solutions to reinforce the cybersecurity posture and monitoring of the customer environment by our SOC.

  • Pentest/CTI : Identify how cybercriminals got in and discover who PATIENT 0 is!

About us

Bradley & Rollins is a cyber defense company. We help hundreds of customers across Canada thwart cyber-attacks.


We offer consulting services and innovative software solutions to secure your organization against cyber threats.

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